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We have created the PACH to be a free community based platform for professionals from a wide range of industries and backgrounds to share their workplace culture journey, connect with others and share ideas to create a thriving team culture within your organisation.  We encourage you to get involved, join the conversation and share your feedback and thoughts so that we can continue to support you and meet your needs in the people and culture industry.

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  • THE DASHBOARD – For easy access, the Dashboard will be your new best friend! You will be able to access any of the rooms from the Dashboard and in case you get stuck.. Find the FAQs.
  • THE BOOKSHELF – Grab yourself a warm beverage, find the cosiest couch and let us tell you a story. Prepare to be inspired as you make your way through our BOOKSHELF of personal culture favourites.
  • THE GAMES CUPBOARD – Time for a little fun (and a bit of friendly competition) as we break out our favourite team activities for you and your team. WARNING: may bring out competitive nature.
  • THE LITTLE BLACK BOOK (LBB) – Want to know all our best kept secrets and contacts? Well now is your chance! Connect with people and organisations that will help take your culture to the next level.
  • THE LOUNGE ROOM – Grab your popcorn and tune in to the weekly webinar or catch up on the classics as we discuss all things people and culture.
  • TOOL KIT – Not sure how to boost your workplace culture? We have just the thing! Full of fun and engaging tips and tricks that you can easily implement yourself the TOOL KIT is your new best friend with something for everyone.


The real competitive advantage in any business is one word only, which is “people”.


– Kamil Toume, Writer and thought leader

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