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7 Hacks to Creating a Back to Work Routine as COVID Restrictions Ease

‘FINALLY’!! Finally, us Aussies can start thinking about a new COVID normal as restrictions start to ease in Australia. Although the end of the pandemic can’t even be considered, we can start thinking about creating a new COVID world and how we need to adapt. Scomo has still encouraged Australian’s to work from home if possible but I’m sure we can all agree, it’s getting a bit old. But don’t worry, we have already thought about some essential hacks to get you ready to transition back into the office!

Take a Lunch Break

A lunch break? What’s that? We know that working from home has meant eating breakfast and lunch at your desk and you may have even developed a snacking addiction. A few months ago, you wouldn’t dare miss your lunch break at your favourite café around the corner so make an effort to physically take your lunch break away from your work station. If the day seems to fly by, set yourself an alarm or calendar appointment to ensure you take the full break; this allows your mind to rest, recharge and refocus.

Get Dressed for Work

Time to get out of those activewear pants, trackies and even pyjamas (we know you have done this)! Now, we aren’t suggesting a full suit and tie or work dress. Try dressing from the waist up so you are ready to jump on that zoom meeting at any time. Do your hair, look presentable and dress professional on your top half. Although this sounds extremely cliché, it plays a powerful role in preparing your mind for a full day of work. Treat yourself and play it comfy for casual Fridays.

Manage your time

The past few weeks in iso have all seemed to mesh into one, right? Start focusing on important elements of your day including scheduled meetings, lunch breaks and identifying the time slots you have to complete your daily tasks; this will increase your efficiency and productivity. If you struggle to create or implement effective schedules, try investigating a WFH schedule template on Google to set you back on the path to creating an effective work routine.

Take back your sleep routine

Let’s face it. Working from home has made us lazy. We aren’t setting alarms; we’re staying in bed until 8:30am even though we begin work at 9am; and we don’t even want to know what time you’re going to bed. Start this hack now so you are in routine by the time you can go back to the office. We know your colleagues will be jealous that you’re feeling productive whilst they are turning up to work tired and unmotivated after falling back asleep on the train on the commute to work.

cut the caffeine

How many extra cups of coffee are you consuming whilst WFH? Can this number explain why you are up so late at night? The changes to your sleep pattern, increased distractions from your home-schooled kids and additional hours has caused coffee to become your new best friend! Time to reduce the short-lived addiction and replace your extra cups with herbal tea or water.

stop unnecessarily scrolling

Now, we couldn’t not mention it… it’s almost embarrassing receiving the weekly screen time notification, revealing exactly how much of the day we have wasted scrolling social media platforms and taking unnecessary quizzes about which Tiger King character you are. Non-stop scrolling decreases productivity and makes us unmotivated. Aim to be checking your feeds during your breaks and if you really struggle, investigate in setting app time limits.

shake it off

Does your Apple watch tell you how little steps you are taking during iso? Working and living within the same four walls means we aren’t getting in those extra steps to and from the office to the train station. The issue isn’t that we sit at a desk, it’s that we sit at the desk for hours at a time. Take your phone meeting outside or walk around the backyard. Make an effort to get up and move for a few minutes every hour; it will help us     increase our step count before we return to the office!

Time to get back to it! Although we can’t plan for the end of COVID restrictions, we can prepare for our new COVID work life; and it all starts with the changes we make now. Avoid the ‘Back to Work’ shock! Don’t wait for Monday to come around to implement your new routine, start today!

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