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Although two years may have passed since we first visited the 12 key benefits of team building, I still believe that these principles apply and in our current world, are more important now than ever before.  Now I understand that life has changed for us all quite drastically over the last six months, which is why I wanted to revisit these benefits as we as leaders, team mates and businesses (big and small) take our first steps into our new “normal.”  


When we hear the term ‘team building’, we are still instantly drawn to the word ‘team’ and then by putting the two words together are led to think about what can be done to help this ‘team’ improve or grow.  At its core, team building is still about understanding, appreciating, developing and maximising the people in your team to lead to a productive, efficient, motivated and happy workplace culture.  But what are the 12 key benefits and have they changed in our new world? Let’s explore this together.


What team building activity would be complete without a little bit of teamwork? Ok, you’re right, A LOT of teamwork.  Learning how to work together effectively, especially now since many of us have had so much time apart (or in some cases still are) will create efficiency and knowledge on how to manager each other’s strengths and weaknesses.


Given that many of us are now working remotely and will possibly continue to do so post-COVID, effective communication is now, more important than ever – especially if you want to be a high performing team.  Team building can help break down communication barriers within your team and promote how to better utilise both verbal and non-verbal forms of communication.  After all, with video meetings, emails and conference calls becoming the new “normal.”


Everybody has their own unique flair when it comes to leadership, and at one point or another you will likely be required to put it to use.  Structured team building activities will allow your team to identify leadership qualities in individuals as well as themselves and highlight areas where all staff can contribute as leaders.

4. FUN

At Corporate Challenge, we believe that having fun should be a part of your workplace every single day.  Funnily enough, this is the most overlooked benefit when choosing a structured team building program. Choosing a team building event that will reinforce the value of having fun in the workplace will not only provide a memorable afternoon, but also show just what significant results can actually be achieved when fun is involved.


Bonding your team together can be a challenge, but is super important as it connects your team and creates a sense of community in the workplace.  Now I understand that this may seem more difficult given that a large number of businesses are now working remotely, but a team building program provides the opportunity for your team to learn more about each other and grow respect for each other in a non-threatening and fun environment.


You know that person that always walks with a spring in their step and has that thing that you can’t quite put your finger on…. It’s confidence!  Participating in team building exercises in a comfortable, non-threatening situation will help your team to develop confidence no only in themselves and others, but also the team as a whole.


Every member of a team will have an element of responsibility associated with their role.  Whatever that entails, taking on that responsibility and truly owning it will either ensure it is fulfilled or learnings are taken from it to apply for future. Team building will reinforce how taking responsibility and providing responsibility are both vital contributors to team performance.


Trust is a key ingredient for any successful team.  Through specialised tasks and exercises in a team building program (no we don’t mean crazy trust fall exercises), participants will learn to trust each other through understanding.  They will learn more about each other’s strengths, weaknesses, capabilities and fears, leading to a deeper relationship and trust amongst team members.


We understand that times have been a little bit tougher than usual in 2020 (possibly a rather large understatement) for many organisations, however maintaining a positive and enthusiastic team will build good morale in the workplace. Team building programs can often identify barriers to positive morale and highlight strategies to create more fun and positivity within your team.


Team building programs allow participants to gain greater respect for not only each other but also for the company and its direction.  Often this comes down to communication and knowledge, and when delivered in a fun and relaxed environment, greater respect will be a result.


While the office environment we work in may have changed, it is still important to practice FUMISH everyday to maintain a strong workplace culture.  Team building programs can help to reinforce the values and vision of your company, giving your team a greater sense of purpose and belonging.  Furthermore, team building programs can also help your company evolve your culture to adapt to our “new” world.


Want to see a specific result from your team building program?  Whether that is brainstorming a new strategy, boosting team connection or just a bit of fun, all team building programs can be structured to focus specifically on the results your desire. Generally speaking, if other benefits are achieved through team building, like better communication, this will ultimately lead to stronger results.

So there you have it, a fresh look at the key benefits of team building.  The best thing about these benefits?  It is actually quite difficult to find a program (whether that be in person or online) that only achieves one.  Which means by completing a team building program you are opening up your organisation to all the wonderful benefits that we have mentioned above.  No matter if you are new to team building or a returning veteran, we promise that you won’t regret incorporating this into your next team day!

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