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While it may feel like it has been years since we have shared an inside joke with our favourite colleagues from across the hall, or gone for a lunch time walk (aka gossip sesh) around the Brisbane River with our work bestie… the wait could nearly be over for Queenslanders!  Now, I know your excited but before you run gleefully into the office ready to tackle that next big project it’s important that we make time to reconnect your Queensland office.  Not sure what that looks like?  Have no fear, we have some tips that will keep you COVID safe and help lead the maroons to victory!

COVID-19 COVID Safe Brisbane Queensland Brisbane Gold Coast Team Building Sunshine Coast


Post COVID everyone may feel a little disconnected after spending so much time working apart.  Why not start a fun initiative to get everyone involved?  How about a Book & Wine Club? Each month select a book for your team to read, this could be related to team culture, business or something completely different!  Then select a bottle of wine to taste (perhaps a local Queensland drop) while you discuss what each person’s thoughts and takeaway from the book at the end of the month.  You could even further boost engagement by asking each team member to nominate their favourite book on a piece of paper and then draw a title out at random each month.  Delicious wine and a good read? Sign us up!

COVID-19 COVID Safe Brisbane Queensland Brisbane Gold Coast Team Building Sunshine Coast


As we start to say farewell (and good riddance) to COVID-19, many organisations all over Queensland are starting to think about getting back to normality and that includes… Team Building!  Now while it may not seem quite safe to complete a Great Race in Surfers Paradise or a Pipeline in the Brisbane Botanical Gardens, there are still options available that will engage your team, whilst keeping them COVID safe.  Consider using an online team building solution or perhaps a traditional program with smaller groups at a time.  But if you have any concerns, talk to us!  We are happy to work with you to create a program that you and your team are comfortable with, whilst keeping safety as the number one priority.


They say that change can be as good as a holiday.  While you are now allowed to head up to the gorgeous beaches of the Sunshine Coast or go for a hike in the Hinterland to get a much-needed change of scenery… why not change up your surroundings at work post COVID too?  Try moving the office layout around to make the most of natural light, brighten up your workspace with a new plant or a picture of the Brisbane skyline for the wall.  Don’t have the space to rearrange the furniture or add new pieces in?  Try switching up who you sit next to!  Not only do you get a fresh environment to thrive in, you might also get to know a new colleague, bonus!

COVID-19 COVID Safe Brisbane Queensland Brisbane Gold Coast Team Building Sunshine Coast


Australia is morphing into post COVID “normal” but different states are making changes at different rates and Queensland is no different.  This can make things a little confusing when trying to figure out what is allowed and what is not.  So, why not educate your team?  Keep your team up to date by sending a weekly e-bulletin or create a physical board full of the latest information on restrictions in the office, so that your team can clearly see what is going on.  Not only will this create clarity around Queensland restrictions, but it also shows that you as an organisation/manager are educated, informed and have their best interests at heart.

COVID-19 COVID Safe Brisbane Queensland Brisbane Gold Coast Team Building Sunshine Coast


Each of us have had different experiences whilst in isolation during COVID-19.  We have all coped differently and many have used this time to learn a new skill or get a project done that has been put off forever!  Take some time with your team to share stories from their time in isolation.  Think about questions like:

  • What was one funny thing that happened during isolation?
  • What were you binge watching?
  • What new skill did you learn?
  • What are you looking forward to most post COVID?

This will help connect your team through similar experiences and also give your team more insight into who each team member is as individuals and may spark new conversations.  If your team are open to it, you could even share the answers to these questions in an internal newsletter.  Want further insight into your team?  Encourage each team member to take the DOPE Test to really understand your colleagues.

However, you re-engage your Queensland team, it is important to remember that this is a time for celebration.  It hasn’t been an easy few months as we have faced the uncertainty of COVID-19, but together we have gotten through it and will once again with enjoying our favourite coffee at our local Queen Street café in no time. 

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