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5 Powerful Team Building Activities to Kick Off 2020

The festive season is nearly here and I’m sure you are all looking forward to a well-deserved break!  But as we start the final sprint to the finish line… have you thought about how you might kick start 2020? 

I know, I know, we haven’t even finished 2019 yet, but we all know that the return to work after the festive season can be a bit, well… sluggish.  But we want to help you and your team hit the ground running in 2020 with these 5 team building programs that are guaranteed to get your team excited and energized for the year ahead.


What: Wannabee business tycoons to the front!  Intrigue, negotiation, criminal activity, and plenty of bling, this program has it all!  Your group will be split into 9 brand new jewellery firms, vying to be the most bejewelled team with the highest gross value at the end of the program.

Outcomes: Fun, time management, communication, leadership, negotiating and attention to detail.

Why:  Excitement, intrigue and mystery… this program has it all!  With plenty of twists and turn to keep participants on their toes this is a great fun program to kick off your year and get the team talking and working together.

Lego Legends

What: Your imagination is your only limit in this rewarding program.  Unleash your inner child and unlock your creative flair as you work together to build the best LEGO structure in your group.

Outcomes: Planning, time management, fun, budgeting, strategy, communication, team work and local knowledge.

Why:  This one is a win-win!  Not only do you get all the wonderful benefits that come with doing a team building event, but you also get all the powerful feelings that come with giving back to those who need it most.


What: Blending specially designed custom software with a fast paced scavenger hunt, this program is sure to blow your mind.  Teams will need to navigate to various GPS located checkpoints guided by a customised mobile app. The challenges won’t stop from the starting gun all the way through to the finish line as teams strive for victory in this high energy thriller!

Outcomes: Communication, forward planning, strategy, time management, team work and local knowledge.

Why:  Completely customizable around your location, this team building event is great for competitive groups or something a little more active.  As you race around the city we guarantee to get your heart pumping as teams’ race for the finish line.


What: Just like its reality TV namesake, Survivor presents fun and challenging team activities to determine who is the ultimate survivor! There are no deserted islands or extreme conditions but many adventures and twists to test the mettle of everyone.

Outcomes: Strategy, team work, planning, competition, leadership, time management, communication and fun.

Why: Enjoy the remaining stunning summer sunshine and get outdoors with this fun-filled activity that captures all the fun and adventure seen in the popular TV show!


What: This interactive and fun workshop is based on four key practices, called the FISH! Philosophy. Applying to all levels of staff, when these practices are integrated into your everyday attitude and behaviour, the results truly are amazing!

Outcomes: Increased engagement and morale, improved customer service, team work, trust, recruitment and retention.

Why:  The New Year brings with it the opportunity to transform you workplace culture and take your workplace to the next level in 2020.  These simple practices are the perfect opportunity to get the momentum going and build your strongest team yet.