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How to Choose the Right Online Team Building Program for your Sydney-Siders

It wasn’t too long ago that you could see from a far, tiny people climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge whilst waiting in a crowd for a business event at the Sydney Opera House. Or trying to navigate to your Friday afternoon drinks through Darling Harbour which was always flooded with local Sydney-Siders and world-wide tourists. This pandemic has not only effected Australia’s busiest cities, but has also created endless challenges for people and businesses in various ways. At Corporate Challenge, we understand the current challenges for each organisation are different. With that in mind, we have come up with three categories of online team building to help you identify which type of online program is best suited to your team; enabling you to create a positive team culture. Let us help you choose the right online team building program for your Sydney-siders.

A Starting Point: Bring on the Fun!

You’ve noticed your team have become a little distant, less engaged and honestly, maybe even a little bored. Living and working in the same space is starting to make us all a little insane and it doesn’t help that we are unable to get out and explore our favourite places like Taronga Zoo and iconic Luna Park. We’re convinced your team have watched all the important Netflix series and successfully completed at least two tricky puzzles in their leisure time, but what’s next? And more importantly how do you inject some fun into your next remote team meeting? Well, let’s give your team something to brag about! Try one of our FUN and entertaining online team activities that can be completed by your team in the comfort of their own home. Now THAT will be something for them to talk about at their next Zoom catch up with friends.

Why not try: Win it in an Online Minute

Forget feelings of boredom during remote working; provide entertainment and endless amounts of fun in as little as 60 minutes! Put your team to the test by completing whacky and random challenges; we are sure they will be shocked to find out that they have a 60 second time limit! Expect all their skills to be tested in this fun and fast-paced online program.

Something a Little More: Not just Entertainment

You’re finding that working from home is starting to create some real issues and the lack of social connection is starting to impact the dynamic of your team. They aren’t interacting as normal and feelings of disconnection is starting to become a real challenge for you to manage remotely. Friday night drinks at the Sydney local cant troubleshoot these problems at the moment; but don’t worry, we have you covered! No matter your objectives or concerns, these programs can be tailored to focus on key outcomes; including communication, team morale, culture, engagement and collaboration.

Why not try: Skynet

We might not be able to recommend a Survivor program down at Manly or Bondi beach, but we can recommend an educational online program that covers key topics, tailored to your team’s needs. Don’t fear, we haven’t removed the fun and laugher from our previous programs. Skynet is guaranteed to socially connect your team and temporarily replace your weekly Friday night drinks!

Take it to the Next Level: Dig a Little Deeper

Your team is becoming more disconnected by the week and you’re starting to see a decline in performance. Be proactive and refresh your team with an educational workshop to learn new skills that they can use beyond the pandemic. Our online team building workshops will supply your team with a fresh new mindset and the ability to understand and adapt to the challenges in our new working world. Equip your team with the tools to boost their professional performance and also provide them with skills to allow continued growth in a positive workplace environment, even while working remotely.

Why not try: FISH! Online

The Rocks Market may be closed but let us take you on a journey from a concept created from a Fish Market in Settle. Your team will be introduced to four practices which will assist in growth, development and will aid in contributing to a positive team culture within your team. Don’t let the effects from COVID-19 impact your team dynamic.

Whether you are concerned about a lack of fun and entertainment or if you have more significant concerns about key performance indicators; our online team building programs will provide your Sydney-siders with a variety of skills that can be used beyond this crisis and in their everyday life.