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Why a Fun Workshop Can Change Your Culture!

Becoming THE place to work isn’t about having the fanciest office or the latest and greatest technology or even having the biggest team on the planet.  What makes organisations stand out from the rest is their workplace culture.  Not sure what I mean by “Workplace Culture?” – read this first.

One amazing way to build a top notch workplace culture is to engage your team by really getting to know them and what areas they truly thrive in.  How do you do this? Well, have you considered doing a Team Building Workshop? Still not convinced? Well let me give you three reasons why these FUN, EXCITING and ENGAGING Workshops will revolutionise your workplace culture and see you soaring above the rest in 2020.

reason #1know your people, know your path to success

It’s no secret that each individual in your team has their own set of strengths and weaknesses.  But do you know what these are? And better still, do they know what these are?  By clearly identifying these you not only give individuals heightened self-awareness, but you can also better understand how they work and what environment they need to thrive in.  It can also be a great tool for putting together effective teams to ensure projects and tasks are carried out as effectively and efficiently as possible. Team you love, task you were made for?  Sounds like a thriving environment to me!

Sound like something you need?  Then I would consider the Belbin Workshop.  This is a great way to get a comprehensive and detailed profile for each individual through personal and external behavioural observations.  Ultimately this will help them not only better understand other valuable members of the organisation, but also themselves.


reason #2When your teams invested in change, change will happen.


So you already have incentives in place, feel like you are engaging your team and ticking all the boxes to creating a positive workplace culture… But have you actually stopped to ask your team for their feedback?  After all it is them that you are trying to create a positive workplace culture for!

Sometimes it can be a bit daunting for people to give direct feedback, especially if the ideas came from upper management.  The FISH! Workshop provides individuals the opportunity to firstly provide feedback and voice their opinions in an anonymous survey before entering the non-threatening, light hearted, actually quite fun workshop environment.  It is also a great opportunity to get the creative juices flowing and set up new initiatives that will take your workplace culture to the next level.  Chances are if your team is behind the initiative, then it will be successful, and ultimately so will your organisation.


reason #3Create a thriving team today, tomorrow and into the future.

Unfortunately there is no quick fix for creating lasting positive workplace culture.  It takes time and effort from everyone in the organisation.  Now I understand that people get busy and sometimes maintaining a positive workplace culture doesn’t seem like the number one priority… BUT, I promise you it should be and through a team building workshop we will provide with the tools to do so! 

No matter which workshop your team participates in we will help you set clear objectives and future initiatives that you can implement all year round, so your culture will continue to thrive long into the future!  The key thing here is we will help your organisation set strategies that will appeal to your team to ensure maximum participation and lasting results. 

No matter what you choose, we promise that taking the time and investing resources into creating a positive workplace culture is a decision you will not regret.   So, are you ready to have FUN yet?  I know we are!